Current Thai Political Situation – Is it Safe to Travel?

In May 2014 the Thai the military announced that it had taken control of the administration of the country.  Since the outing of former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra the country has been experience a period of political instability which ultimately led to the Military announcing it is taking control of the country.  This has left travel plans in limbo for a large amount of people throughout the world who had been planning to travel to Thailand at this volatile stage.  The Australian government released an updated travel warning on the 9th of June urging travellers to exercise a high degree of caution.  Although an amber alert it is present the majority of travellers will go ahead with their pre-planned journey, however it is advised that travellers stay away from known protest sites.

In good news for Backpackers, this months full moon party will still go ahead despite the military intervention.  Tourism is vital in generating revenue for the Thai’s and it is expected there will be a healthy showing of backpackers that will continue to migrate their way through the country over the coming months.

For more news regarding the situation in Thailand visit the Smartraveller Thailand website.


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